Care Instructions

Pallarès Kitchen Scissor instructions

Thank you for buying a pair of our wonderful scissors, with proper care our scissors will last you a very long time. Ideally you would hand wash these scissors however they are dishwasher friendly but do require care to prevent damage from the harsh environment of a dishwasher.

Your scissors require regular oiling with the oil provided, to oil your scissors please place two drops of oil on each side of one of the blades and gentility rub in with your fingers, repeat this on the second blade then place one drop into the pivot point. open and close the scissors 5 or 6 times to work the oil in finally wipe off any excess for more detailed instructions see the video

If cleaning in the dishwasher we recommend placing them in your cutlery basket point down with the scissors open

After each wash Inspect your scissors for any sighs of discolouration, should there be any polish the stain off using barkeepers friend

If cleaning in the dishwasher remove as soon as the cycle has finished and dry

Never leave your scissors wet or dirty

Detergents, soaps and dishwashing tablets containing a high level of salt should be avoided

Your scissors do not require sharpening

Pallarès Knife care


Thankyou for buying our knives, with proper care and maintenance these knives will last many years providing you with an enjoyable cooking experience