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"Once I finally decided to put up a clothes line I went on a quest to find quality clothes pins, also known to some as pegs.

The ones that you can buy at the stores here in the US are very cheap in quality, I tried using them but they would break or fall apart, they were either made from cheap wood or they were plastic and huge, which didn't work well for my antique linens, so I got on the internet and found a guy here in the US that made handmade wooden clothes pins with a sturdy spring, and better quality wood, they were big and beautiful but they were oily and I didn't want to use them my linens and they had their flaws because after all they were handmade.

Again, I went back on the internet and found Greg and his Pincinox pegs made from stainless steel with no spring, both were a totally new concept for me and I admit I was a bit skeptical.

I ordered 20 and when they came I was even more skeptical because they were smaller than I expected. So I immediately threw a load of clothes into the washer and used my new pins.

I was so impressed by the way that they were strong enough to hold up wet jeans, but yet gentle enough to hold up my antique French linen sheets, on top of that it was a windy day too!

The other thing I like about them is because they are stainless they won't rot away and I can clean them with soap and water. Thanks Greg for selling me a great product, you have a customer for life!"

Lisa Sowins,
California, USA


"I am a mere male, and found the frustrating plastic pegs just didn't last. 

The stainless steel pegs have proved to be a miracle for me. I am able now to handle them without the frustration of them breaking or the springs collapsing when hanging out the washing. 

I purchased 100 of them and I still have half of them put away. They are great, no rust, no snapping, and no deterioration. 

My wife is impressed and claims a part from her it is one of the most sensible things I've achieved. 
Thank you for a sanity saving product".

Ken Taylor
Bathurst, NSW, Australia

 "Great Pins! I have tried other stainless pins from China and due to their re-design of the pin, they do not function as well as original wooden pins. 

I use these pins in Belize on the beach of the Caribbean where salt air plus sea breeze plus direct sun equals a harsh environment. These pins are the only ones I will ever purchase again. 

They make great gifts for family, friends and neighbours of mine. Some do get lost in the sand but I know that in the future when they are found no one will be able to tell how old they are. 

I do rent my vacation home and every guest that opts for using the clothes line loves them and asks where they can be bought. Doing the clothes is a family chore and with these pins it's one less thing to worry about. Electricity in Belize costs about three times the cost in La. so we go Green weather permitting. Thanks again for the Great Pins".

Belize, Caribbean


"Hi Greg, just to let you know that the stainless steel pegs are just great. We've had no problems at all. We use them for all our washing, from the thinnest clothes to the thickest towels. We certainly won't be buying any more plastic ones again. Once again, thanks".

Burrum River, QLD, Australia


"I am writing just to let you know how good I think the stainless pegs I bought from you are. I was a little skeptical about the no rust claim at first as we live on the coast & from experience even some non magnetic quality grades of stainless can have rust or "tea staining" issues but absolutely nothing on the pegs after prolonged storage outside. 

We keep live mudcrabs that we catch locally in plastic tubs of saltwater & the kids have taken to naming them & yes they are using the pegs to clip the tags onto the tubs, I was amazed to see after summer ended that there was no sign of rust or staining on any of the pegs used. I am happy to say in this case, the old adage of quality being remembered long after price being forgotten is definitely true".

Brent Harvey
Killarney Vale, NSW, Australia