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Quality home products that stand the test of time

So, what’s I Will Last all about then? The answer is simple – top quality products that make your life better at home. Our home-wares make your life easier because they do what they promise now – and for generations to come.
Our story begins in the backyard. At the clothes line, to be exact.
We’re a family from Sydney and we try to reduce our plastic use.
We initially switched to wooden pegs, thinking they’d last longer and be better for the planet – and our pockets. But every time it rained and we’d race outside to bring them in to prevent mold and rusty springs, we realized there had to be a smarter way.

Some serious research later, we discovered Pincinox and Brevinox stainless steel pegs, made in Europe. These are the most durable, reliable and beautiful pegs out there, made by family businesses for decades. We love their old school values, simple design principles and their unmatched quality that can withstand lifetimes of use. Plus, they are specifically engineered to never heat up. So whether you’re in Bondi or Baltimore, California or Christchurch, our pegs are safe to handle, no matter how extreme the temperature.

Products for life

Since 2012, we’ve been supplying stainless steel pegs to families across the globe who love them for their versatility and durability. Our customers know our products are an investment they’ll enjoy for life, with clear environmental benefits too. We’ve added glass drinking straws  and premium scissors  to our collection because they’re other ways we can make those every day tasks a whole lot easier for you while reducing waste and saving you money.

Our products are endlessly use-able, and infinitely useful. We hope you’ll love using them.

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